3D Game Technology
2017 All
Office Hour

Monday 9:00~11:00 AM

TA Ying-Sheng Luo
Lectures 1
Week Content Notes Assignment


  • Introduce yourself
  • Administrative information
  • Course overview



  • Work for modeling
  • Designing interactive software


  • Sensors in market
  • Wii Remote & Fit
  • PS move
  • XBOX 360 Kinect
  • HTC Vive Head Set and Handle
  • Oculus Head Set and Handle


  • Graphics Pipeline
  • Shader
  • Texture


Example Scenes.zip



  • Multiple pass
    • Reflection
    • Transmission
    • Caustics
    • Instant Radiosity
  • Shadow
    • Dirty shadow
    • Shadow map
    • Shadow volume
    • Ambient occlusion




Lectures 2
Week Content Notes Assignment


Programming with FLTK and OGRE

  • case 1: libtga + FLTK
  • case 2: Ogre + Flash


Introduction to Ogre3D



Ogre Basic

  • Resource Group
  • Material
  • Manual Object
  • Dynamic Texture


Ogre GUI

  • Types of user interface
  • Window events
  • Adobe Flash
  • Flash UI introduction
  • Design a button with Flash
  • Using Hikari
  • Create Flash and OGRE


Ogre GPU (1/2)



Ogre GPU (2/2)



Ogre Samples


Technically, Computer Graphics and good C++ programming skills. 




  • Mobile game survey
蔡中旗 Clash of Clans
巫培源 梅露可物語
黃弘文 Game Of Dice
劉益銓 Flow free
陳彥霖 Swordigo
黃偉翔 Flappy bird
呂仁傑 Puzzle & Dragon
邱嘉興 Orbital
鍾賢廣 OPUS-靈魂之橋
張哲寬 Loner
  • PC online game survey
張哲寬 AVA戰地之王
陳彥霖 魔獸爭霸-信長之野望
邱嘉興 英雄聯盟
林德潔 Minecraft
呂仁傑 楓之谷
鍾賢廣 戰地風雲1
蔡中旗 For honor
黃偉翔 Overwatch
巫培源 world of warcraft
劉益銓 300英雄
黃弘文 war of warships
  • VR / AR / MR application survey
蔡中旗 跑車浪漫旅
邱嘉興 Job Simulator
林德潔 VR Funhouse
劉益銓 Rec Room
張哲寬 Driveclub VR
陳彥霖 Battlezone
鍾賢廣 Tekken 7
黃偉翔 The Last Guardian
巫培源 O!My Genesis
黃弘文 RIGS: Mechanized Combat League
  • Paper survey 1 - Shadow and Interactive lighting
張哲寬 Instant radiosity
蔡中旗 Incremental Instant Radiosity for Real-Time Indirect Illumination
邱嘉興 Lightcuts: A scalable approach to illumination
呂仁傑 Bidirectional lightcuts
陳彥霖 Pixel-Correct Shadow Maps with Temporal Reprojection and Shadow Test Confidence
黃偉翔 Fast and Detailed Approximate Global Illumination by Irradiance Decomposition
鍾賢廣 Real-Time Ambient Occlusion for Dynamic Character Skins
林德潔 Ambient Occlusion Volumes
黃弘文 Line-Sweep Ambient Obscurance
劉益銓 An approximate image-space approach for interactive refraction
巫培源 Interactive image-space techniques for approximating caustics
First Semester
  • 3 Projects (20, 20, 20 each): 60%
  • 3 Game Review: 30%
  • One paper review: 10%

Second Semester

  • 3 Projects (10, 10, 10 each): 30%
  • One games: 40%
  • Paper review: 30 %
  • Set 1: Shadow and Interactive lighting
    • Instant radiosity and light
      • *Keller, A. "Instant radiosity." In SIGGRAPH ’97: Proceedings of the 24th annual conference on Computer graphics and interactive techniques 
      • *Samuli Laine, Hannu Saransaari, Janne Kontkanen, Jaakko Lehtinen, Timo Aila, "Incremental Instant Radiosity for Real-Time Indirect Illumination", Proceeding EGSR'07 Proceedings of the 18th Eurographics conference on Rendering Techniques, Pages 277-286 
      • *WALTER, B., FERNANDEZ, S., ARBREE, A., BALA, K., DONIKIAN, M., AND GREENBERG, D. P. 2005. Lightcuts: A scalable approach to illumination. In Proceedings of SIGGRAPH 2005, Computer Graphics Proceedings, Annual Conference Series.
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      • Bruce Walter , Pramook Khungurn , Kavita Bala, Bidirectional lightcuts, ACM Transactions on Graphics (TOG), v.31 n.4, p.1-11, July 2012
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      • Peter Hedman, Tero Karras, and Jaakko Lehtinen, "Sequential Monte Carlo instant radiosity", I3D '16 Proceedings of the 20th ACM SIGGRAPH Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games, Pages 121-128 
    • Ambient Occlusion
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    • Shadow map
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      • Dachsbacher, C., and Stamminger, M., "Reflective shadow maps." In Proc. of the Symposium on Interactive 3D Graphics and Games
    • Reflection, refraction, and caustics
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  • Set 2: Motion Graphs Set
    1. Motion editing thesis(完整REVIEW): Lucas Kovar's thesis Automated Methods for Data-Driven Synthesis of Realistic and Controllable Human Motion
    • Motion editing
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  • Motion graph

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  • Facial animation and skinning

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  • Set 3: Physical Simulation

Bullet Real-time physical engine: http://bulletphysics.org/wordpress/

  • Rigid body and Elastic object

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  • Spring-mass system and cloth

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This course was carefully titled to indicate its content. It covers various computing technologies useful for computer game development. It does NOT cover game development as a topic in itself, nor does it cover game design, and it doesn't even cover all the computing technology that might go into a game (one glaring oversight is audio).

Some of the course content may be covered by other NTUST CSIE courses, but the emphasis in this course will be on real-time performance. This course will also, no doubt, contain many basic computer science algorithms in an application setting that tend not to be covered in other courses, such as spatial data structures.


Course Content

  • Anatomy of a Game
  • Introduction to Lag
  • Drawing Things
    • Mapping Techniques
      • Multi-texturing
      • Bump mapping
      • Light maps
      • Environment maps
      • Interesting uses for Textures
    • Multi-Pass Techniques
      • Buffers in the Graphics Pipeline
      • Shadows
      • Reflections
      • Interesting use for Buffers
    • Programming Graphics Hardware
    • Spatial Data Structures
      • Octrees
      • KD-Trees
      • BSP Trees
      • Spatial Hashing
    • Level of Detail
      • Impostors or Proxies
      • Decimation Schemes
      • Switching Representations
      • Progressive Schemes
    • Visibility
      • Cell-Portal Methods
      • PVS Computations
    • Terrain
      • Terrain Generation
      • Terrain Rendering
  • Making Things Move
    • Event Driven AI
    • State Machines
    • Scripting AI
    • Path Planning
      • A* Planning
      • Storing Paths
      • Alternatives
      • Path Following
    • Collision Detection
    • Motion Capture and Playback
    • Player and Camera Control
  • Playing with Others
    • Player and Camera Control
    • Network Architectures
    • Network Protocols for Gaming
    • Lag Compensation
    • Reducing Traffic
      • Dead-Reckoning
      • Area-of-Interest Management
    • Cheating and Fixes