Object Oriented Programming in C++
2018 Spring
Instructors Yu-Chi Lai
Office Hour


TA Zhong-Qi Cai
Hong-Wen Huang



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Main Textbook
  • Absolute C++, 6th Ed. (International Edition), Walter Savitch, Addison Wesley
Reference books
All exams are executed on computers.
  • Midterm
  • Final
Lecture grade
  • Programming Assignment 25%
  • Mid-term Exam 30%
  • Final Exam 45% (While final is higher than midterm, it can overwrite midterm score)

Lab grade:

  • Attendance: 10%
  • On-class practices: 20%
  • Final project: 70%

A few programming assignments each week. Please check to see the
course’s website: moodle.ntust.edu.tw

  • 開發環境:Visual Studio 2015 Community (https://www.visualstudio.com/products/visual-studio-community-vs) 
  • Reference: https://msdn.microsoft.com/zh-TW/vstudio/dn439939 
  • 作業繳交規範: 
    1. For each programming assignment, create a working directory named: YourStID-Name-AXX, e.g. B10415001-張XX-A01, and create solution files and source code files in the directory 
    2. After finishing your work, zip the working directory with solution/project files and source code files only into a file name: YourStID-Name-AXX.7z. 
  • Keep your files as concisely as possible. 
  • Upload the zip file to Moodle/FTP
  • # Remarks: to make sure your uploaded work could be unzipped and compiled and tested correctly, suggest that you can download the uploaded file and test it again.
  • Coding Style 規範事項