Project : Explore the field of Electrical Circuit and Device

The purpose of this project is to give you the chance to explore the field of Electrical Circuit and Device


A group is a size of 3.



  1. Pick up your topic and field
  • Look at NTU EE department’s 積體電路與系統組, there are 19 professors whose research fields are related to this topic.
  • Please pick one professor and pick one of his research field.
  • Send me the group member name and the topics.
  • We did not allow duplication of research field. First comes first serves.
  1. Write a report (at least 5 pages) and do a 10 minute presentation.
  • Introduce the related courses in our department
  • Introduce the research field in this field.
  • Introduce to the company in this field (at least three companies
  • Introduce the job of software engineering ( at least three jobs)
How will we grade it?

I will grade your project based on your presentation and your report.