Project : Mobile Phone Game and APP -- All

3D games are popular today. There are different types of them. In this project, we would like you to create one of them. We encourage you to create one in the category of Motion Sensing such as WII, Kinect and PS move use your motion as the controller to control the character in the games. 

  1. In order to keep this large undertaking on track, as well as to provide a simulation of what it is like to work in industry, groups will be strictly held to a series of deadlines.
  • This means that there are no late days available for any milestones or the final version of the game.
  • You must set up your deadline for me and let me to check the procedure.

The final game will be graded based on the product (i.e. any lacking axis drags the game down) of its performance along three axis:

  • Quality (CS) -- the game should play well and be bug-free
  • Unity (Design) -- all elements of the game should be coordinated in service of the game's purpose
  • Completeness (CS) -- the game should achieve the goals set out by the group
  • A word about ambition (CS, Design)
  • Beauty and scene setting(Design) -- Fantastic scenes are important to intrigue people's attention
  • Smooth and good UI (Design) -- UI is the most important elements in modern computer applications.

There is a tendency in project classes such as this to grade results based on what they aspire to be, rather than what they are. It is important to notice that the grading criteria above are specifically designed to avoid this. You are graded on the quality of the game you make, not the quality of the game you set out to make.

There will be a significant amount of time devoted to working with project groups to set goals, plans, and fall-backs so that the final game is right-sized.

The Final Game Process

Elevator Pitches: Everyone in the class will have one minute (strictly enforced) to quickly pitch a game concept. The pitch should clearly convey the core of the game and what makes it unique. Illustrations of some sort are encouraged, but complexity is obviously infeasible.

Refined Pitches: Based on voting from the class (and some instructor english), approximately half the pitches will make it to the next round. These will be re-pitched in five-minute slots by groups of two.

Design Document and Prototypes. Once groups are announced, they have two to three weeks to create a specification (design document) outlining their game.

  • Design Document slide 
    • The document should also break the components of the game into the essential, the useful, and the simply nice-to-have.
    • This design document should be backed by prototypes of the core game elements. The design document and prototypes will be discussed by the class as a whole.

The progress of your program: you must set up the check points for me to check your progress. The check points start around mid of April and roughly three to four check points.

The Demo: At some point the teams will be required to muster their resources and create a demo.

  • This demo should demonstrate a segment of near-finished gameplay, or at least hide the seams quite well (e.g. Will Wright's early demos of Spore).

  • These demos will be played by the class and discussed.

The Final Version and submission:

  • The final version of the game will be shown in an epic Final Crit during the exam slot of the class. You will be scored on this version of the game.
  • A readme to introduce how to use the program
  • A 10 minute video in English to introduce the game.
  • A website

The following is the list of your team set up. Each design student must set up his or her own game and CS students support them to create the game.

Elevator Pitches
Group Game ID Name Information
1 Pseudo Fantasy B10215013 羅應陞



  B10215020 郭羿辰 First Review
    B10215021 王証頡 │├pdf 
    B10215028 詹家棋 │└video
    B10215046 許益銓 ├Second Review
    B10215047 陳彥霖 │├pdf
        └Third Review
          └video 1 2 3 4
2 La bizzarra Ep.1 ntnu40047024S 連俊豪 DesignDocument
  Alice in Hurryend ntnu40147902S 李冠廷 ├First Review
  詭異之人 初章 B10330008 余季謙 │├ppsx
  <匆忙的愛麗絲> B10110018 王姵媗 │└jpg
    B10015035 蘇育民 ├Second Review
    B10115048 吳俊穎 │└video 1 2
        └Third Review
3 Crazy Hockey B10215011 林聖翔 DesignDocument
    B10215019 宋佳哲 ├First Review
    B10013008 林韋辰 │└pdf
    B10215034  劉俊廷 ├Second Review
    B10215039 王張瀚 │├pdf
        └Third Review
4 Dungeons Run M10222304 余欣鴻 DesignDocument
    M10211009 阮丞安 ├First Review
    M10322301 顏嘉慰 │└pdf
    M10322304 林映辰 ├Second Review
        └Third Review
5 GuDa B10215012 黃德育 DesignDocument
    B10215024 黃弘怡 ├First Review
    B10215029 林德潔 │└pptx
    B10215037 劉益銓 ├Second Review
    B10215038 池振睿 └Third Review
    B10215045 洪貫瑜  
6 Regained Color B10215006 茅向安 DesignDocument
    B10215014 鍾賢廣 ├First Review
    B10215033 鄭文翰 │└pdf
    B10215035 林進仰 ├Second Review
    B10215036 顏子鈞 │├pdf
    B10215040 趙哲農 │└video
        └Third Review
          └video 1 2
7 3D Gravity Run B10032026 郭鴻年 DesignDocument
    M10015022 翁世璋 ├First Review
    M10315001 葉致祥 │├pdf 
    M10315023 郤威麟 │└video 1 2 3 4
    M10315061 李梓含 ├Second Review
    M10315077 蘇亭霖 │├pdf
        │└video 1 2 3 4
        └Third Review
          └video 1 2
8 Cu-po B10202222 陳政煬 DesignDocument
    B10215032 侯勇 ├First Review
    B10232009 卓韋辰 │└pdf
    B10232011 鄭皓宇 ├Second Review
    B10232020 張哲寬 └Third Review
    B10232034 胡柯民  
9 Crush Of Clans B10013027 林佳翰 DesignDocument
    B10209003 劉兆偉 ├First Review
    B10209006 劉晏辰 │└pdf
    B10209048 謝政憲 ├Second Review
    B10215002 曾威凱 │├pdf
    B10313038 林冠穎 │└video
        └Third Review
10 Crazy Evading ntnu40102045e 林見軒 DesignDocument
    B10110016 林重文 ├First Review
    B10215001 林昱琦 │└pdf
    B10215003 趙晉義 ├Second Review
    B10330010 劉岳樺 │├pdf
    B10330032 蔡鈞宇 │└video 1 2
        └Third Review
          └video 1 2
11 Finger Hero B10015002 陳建樺 DesignDocument
    B10015021 陳柏安 ├First Review
    B10015029 李昆達 │└pdf
    B10015036 陳尹清 ├Second Review
        │└video 1 2
        └Third Review



羅應陞, 陳彥霖, 詹家棋, 郭羿辰, 王証頡, and 許益銓, Mobile Phone Game and APP -- Pseudo Fantasy


連俊豪, 李冠廷, 蘇育民, 余季謙, 王姵媗, and 吳俊穎, Mobile Phone Game and APP -- La Bizzarra


林聖翔, 王張瀚, 宋佳哲, and 劉俊廷, Mobile Phone Game and APP -- Crazy Hockey


余欣鴻, 阮丞安, 顏嘉慰, and 林映辰, Mobile Phone Game and APP -- Dungeons Run


洪貫瑜, 池振睿, 黃德育, 林德潔, 劉益銓, and 黃弘怡, Mobile Phone Game and APP -- Gu Da


茅向安, 鍾賢廣, 鄭文翰, 林進仰, 顏子鈞, and 趙哲農, Mobile Phone Game and APP -- Regained Color


郤威麟, 翁世璋, 李梓含, 蘇亭霖, 葉致祥, and 郭鴻年, Mobile Phone Game and APP -- 3D Gravity Run


鄭皓宇, 陳政煬, 侯勇, 卓韋辰, 張哲寬, and 胡柯民, Mobile Phone Game and APP -- Cu-po


曾威凱, 林佳翰, 劉晏辰, 謝政憲, 劉兆偉, and 林冠穎, Mobile Phone Game and APP -- Crush of Clans


林見軒, 林重文, 林昱琦, 趙晉義, 劉岳樺, and 蔡鈞宇, Mobile Phone Game and APP -- Crazy Evading


陳建樺, 陳柏安, 李昆達, and 陳尹清, Mobile Phone Game and APP -- Finger Hero