Project :

The purpose of this project is to give you the chance to explore the field of Electrical Circuit and Device


A group is a size of 3.

Presentation day and order table

報告日期 順序 Project 4 題目 組員
2015/5/26 1 溫度感測 ADT6401 (Low Cost, 2.7 V to 5.5 V, Pin-Selectable Temperature Switch in SOT-23) (Open Drain Output) 陳仕傑 B10315037
黃弘文 B10315041
劉晏任 B10315029
2015/5/26 2 磁場感測 LIS3MDL (ultra low-power, high performance 3-axis magnetometer) 林斯賢 B10315020
黃若望 B10315033
宋祺 B10315052
2015/5/26 3 氣壓力感測 LPS25H (MEMS pressure sensor: 260-1260 hPa absolute digital output barometer) B10015053 楊雅凱
B10015054 曾煥秦
B10130039 郭芷綾
2015/5/26 4 加速度計 ADXL001 (High Performance Wide Bandwidth iMEMS® Accelerometer) B10315024 朱伯軒
B10315026 李宗峻
B10315010 張庭頤
2015/5/26 5 溫度感測 ADT7320 (±0.25°C Accurate, 16-Bit Digital SPI Temperature Sensor) B10330430 劉昇樺
B10330437 林承佑
B10330429 翁廷毅
2015/5/26 6 麥克風前置 ADMP401 (Omnidirectional Microphone with Bottom Port and Analog Output) B10315028林品潔
2015/5/28 1 紅外線感測器 TMP006 (Infrared Thermopile Sensor in Ultra Small Chipscale Package) 林航平B10315011
2015/5/28 2 光電二極體 OPT101 (Monolithic Photodiode and Single-Supply Transimpedance Amplifier) B10332017 周彥伯
B10332019 張峻毓
B10332025 李亞蒨
2015/5/28 3 超音波類比前置 AFE5803 (Fully Integrated, 8-Channel Ultrasound Analog Front End) 陳奕丞 B10315047
梁哲魁 B10315042
陳廷冠 B10315044
2015/6/2 1 接近傳感器、環境光感測 VL6180 (Proximity sensor and ambient light sensing (ALS) module) B10132015 林立穎
2015/6/2 2 類比數位轉換器 ADS1298 (8-Channel, 24-Bit Analog-To-Digital Converter With Integrated ECG Front End) B10315032 胡有值嘉
B10330420 黃敏智
2015/6/2 3 CCD   b10315040 廖晏逵
2015/6/2 4 溫度感測器 LM135 (Precision Temperature Sensor) 林彥丞 B10315004
王德修 B10315038
聶誠漢 B103015039
2015/6/2 5 陀螺儀 ADXRS450 (±300°/sec High Vibration Immunity Digital Gyro) 楊承庭 B10315012
陶信瑋 B10315023
劉又誠 B10315008
2015/6/2 6 紅外線接近感測器 GP2Y0A21YK (Infrared Proximity Sensor) 朱世民
2015/6/4 1 數位音效傳輸介面 DIX4192 (Digital Audio Interface Transceiver) 周紀愷 B10315013
林彥碩 B10315014
林楨傑 B10315015
2015/6/4 2 非接觸讀取晶片 MFRC522 (Contactless reader IC) B10315030 曾紹齊
B10315031 萬子綾
B10315043 蕭雅芳
2015/6/4 3 光電sensor   B10315017 李俊賢
B10315002 黃昱豪
B10315009 鄭宇舜
2015/6/9 1 remote sensor   李垣峻(B10315016)
2015/6/9 2 加速度計 AIS326DQ (Digital output motion sensor for automotive applications low-power high performance 3-axes accelerometer) 郭永明 b10315046
雷礎宇 b10315018
林昆立 b10315005
2015/6/9 3 RFID   王聖文B10315048
2015/6/9 4 陀螺儀 MAX21000 (Ultra-Accurate, Low Power, 3-Axis Digital Output Gyroscope) B10315025 邱懷民
B10315021 柳威寧
B10315022 莊允行
2015/6/9 5 觸控 電容式反電陽式 B10315006 林穎平
B10315035 高育晨
B10315036 高振瑋
2015/6/9 6 陀螺儀 A3G4250D (MEMS motion sensor: 3-axis digital output gyroscope) 陳政煬 B10202222


  1. Pick up your element
    • Look at 電子元件.docx, there are 30 element.
    • Please pick one element.
    • Send me the group member name and the element.
    • We did not allow duplication of research field. First comes first serves.
  1. Write a report (at least 5 pages) and do a 10 minute presentation
    • Introduce concept of the element.
    • Introduce function of the element.
    • Introduce application of the element. 
    • Introduce the element in our department.
How will we grade it?

I will grade your project based on your presentation and your report.

You need upload group presentation report and review other team’s report.

Presentation report (at least 5 pages).

Review other team’s report (at least 1 page) and total 23 parts.


Upload to “FTP:” Project 4 folder