Project : Wheatstone bridge

The purpose of this project is to give you some experience transforming the electrical equations into C program and learning how to use Visual Studio 2010 to write an user interface.



The top figure shows the user interface for this project. You can get the skeleton of the code. You need to write the computation code into Calculate.cpp which contain the following codes:

Get the skeleton of the VS2012 code.

Get the skeleton of the VS2013 code.

// * This is the main function for calculating the voltage, current
void Calculate(int R1, int R2, int R3, int R4, int Vin,
               double& V1, double& V2, double& V3, double& V4, double& Vo,
               double& I1, double& I2, double& I3, double& I4)
        // TODO
        V1 = V2 = V3 = V4 = Vout = 0;
        I1 = I2 = I3 = I4 = 0;

Please compute the current and voltage across each resistor and the output voltage.

How will we grade it?

You will send a rar files containing only Calculate.cpp and WheatstoneBridge.exe to TA. We will grade your code accordingly and check whether you have copied others' code.

Upload to “FTP:” Project 1 folder