Geological Visualization System with GPU-Based Interpolation
  Liang-Syuan Huang     Kuang-Yi Chen     Yu-Chi Lai     Ping-Yu Chang     Seng-Rong Song  
Liang-shiuan Huang, Kaung-Yi Chen, Yu-Chi Lai, Ping-Yu Chang, Seng-Rong Song, Geological Visualization System with GPU-Based Interpolation, 2011 AGU Meeting
  • Goal:
    • In this paper we want to create a visualization system to display the numerical data using computer graphics methods.
    • Because the visualization system needs a set of grid data, inversion algorithms is needed.
  • Methods:
    • We construct visualization system to display numerical data.
    • Inversion algorithms are implemented to transform samples into a set of grid data.
    • Because the inversion is naturally parallel, GPU is a natural choice for acceleration.

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NSC 100-2221-E-011-151