Geometry-Shader-Based Real-time Voxelization and Applications
  Hsu-Huai Chang     Yu-Chi Lai     Chih-Yuan Yao     Kai-Lung Hua     Yuzhen Niu     Feng Liu  
Chang, S.-H., Lai, Y.-C., Yao, C.-Y., Hua, K.-L., Niu, Y., and Liu, F., Geometry-shader-based real-time voxelization and applications, the visual computer, volume 30, Number 3, PP. 327-340, 2014 Submitted matieral web page

This paper proposes a new real-time voxelization algorithm and applications using newly available GPU functionalities. Our voxelization algorithm is efficient and able to
real-time transform a highly complex surface-representation scene into a set of high-resolution voxels in single GPU pass using the newly available geometry shader. The usage of 3D texture allows our algorithm to record the opaqueness, color and normal information in a voxel directly without specific encoding and decoding mechanism. This ability allows users to adjust the voxel resolution according to the need of applications without strenuous modifications on the encoding and decoding scheme and the ability to compute and render more realistic lighting effects with proper
surface and volume information. New voxel-based applications are proposed to take advantage of this new functionality for interactively rendering realistic lighting effects
including shadow of objects with complex occlusion and refraction and transmission of transparent objects. An absorption coefficient is computed according to the number
of surface drawing in each voxel during voxelization and used to compute the amount of light passing through partial occluded complex objects. The refraction and transmis
sion of light passing through transparent objects is simulated by our multiple refraction algorithm using surface normal, transmission coefficient and refraction index in each voxel. The results show that our algorithm can voxelize deformable
models and render those complex lighting effect in real-time without any preprocessing.


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