Destination Selection Based on Consensus-Selected Landmarks
  Pei-Ying Chiang     Shih-Hsuan Hung     Yu-Chi Lai     Chih-Yuan Yao  
Chiang, PY., Hung, SH., Lai, YC. et al. "Destination Selection Based on Consensus-Selected Landmarks"Multimed Tools Appl (2018) 77: 30011. Supplemental material

This study aims at enhancing the destination look-up experience based on the fact that humans can easily recognize and remember images and icons of a destination instead of texts and numbers. Thus, this paper propose an algorithm to display buildings in hierarchical publicity and optimize the location distribution and orientation of each buildings. In the usual, the general navigation GPS include a lot of redundant information, and the necessary information always being drowned. Aimed to this point, we build the hierarchical structure according to their consensus-based publicity and spacial relationship to each other. The publicity is approximated by considering transportation importance and consensus visibility which reflects public consideration on metro transportation, opinions on popularity and famousness respectively. In addition to this, consensus-based optimal orientation of icon is optimized for easy recognition according to public preference estimated by clustering the view of public web photos. For the system evaluation, we perform four user studies to verify the effect of recognition and destination searching, and we all get positive response from these user studies. 


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This work was supported by the National Science Council of Taiwan under Grants MOST104-2221-E-011-091- MY2, MOST104-2221-E-011-029-MY3, MOST105- 2228-E-011-005, MOST107-2221-E-011-112-MY2, MOST107-2221-E-011-114-MY2, and , MOST107-2228-E-011-005