Interactive Iconized Grammar-based Pailou Modeling
  Zhong-Qi Cai     Ying-Sheng Luo     Yu-Chi Lai     Chih-Shiang Chan     Wen-Kai Tai  
Cai, Z.-Q., Luo, Y.-S., Lai, Y.-C., Chan, S.-C., and Tai, W.-K., "Interactive Iconized Grammar-based Pailou Modeling", Computer Graphics Forum, Volume 39, Issue 1, PP 50-62, 2020, DOI: Submitted webpage.

Pailous are representative Chinese architectural works used for commemoration. However, their geometric structure and semantic construction rules are too complex for quick and intuitive modeling using traditional modeling tools. We propose an intuitive modeling system for the stylized creation of pailous for novices. Our system encapsulates structural components as icons and semantic layouts as topological graphs, using which users create and manipulate icons with topological recommendations. The interpreter automatically and immediately transforms a graph to its corresponding model using built-in components with the proposed parametric L-system grammars derived from architectural rules. Using this system to re-create existing representative pailous and design imaginary ones yields results with the desired visual complexities. In comparison to Maya, a 3D modeling tool, when modeling a pailou and toukung, our system is effective and simple, and eliminates the need to remember and understand complex rules.


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This work was supported by the National Science Council of Taiwan under Grants MOST107-2221-E-011-111, MOST107-2221-E-011-112-MY2, MOST107-2221-E-011-114-MY2, MOST107-2218-E-011-015, MOST106-2218-E-011-016, MOST106-3114-E-011-005, MOST105-2218-E-011-005, and MOST104-2221-E-011-029-MY3.