TitleVector Graphics and Texturing
People Chih-Yuan Yao   Yu-Chi Lai  

Ultra-high-definition displays are available on the market, and vector graphics are possible solutions to describe various multimedia contents in versatile applications because of its compactness and scalability. Therefore, this project focuses on proposing a new data structure and vector algorithm to preserve complex details of arbitrary images and maintain interactive editing and manipulation abilities. Furthermore, high resolution textures are determinant for high rendering quality in gaming and movie industries, but burdens in memory usage, data transmission bandwidth, and rendering efficiency. Therefore, it is desirable to shade 3D objects with vector images such as Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) for compactness and resolution independence. We also focus on applying the vector image on rendering 3D objects.

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  • Submitted material web page
  • Lai, Y.-C., Wang, C.-W., Todorov, D., and Yao, C.-Y. "Extra Detail Addition Based on Existing Texture For Animation News Production", Multimedia Tools and Applications Volume 75, Issue 24pp 16861–16880, 2016
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Yu-Chi Lai, Chun-Wei Wang, Dobromir Todorov, Chih-Yuan Yao, Extra Detail Addition Based on Existing Texture For Animation News Production, National Computer Symposium 2013.

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