TitleNon-photorealistic Chinese Painting Animation
People Chih-Yuan Yao   Yu-Chi Lai  

Chinese ink paintings are pervasive in Asia and some art departments in Europe, and the Americas are offering classes to teach this unique style of paintings. Historically, scholars with accomplishments in politics, literature and science learned this art, and their products depict beauty and harmony of nature through brush strokes that shape and move objects such as water. In still paintings, special techniques are employed to deliver the endless spirit and flowing sense of water, yet dynamic water movement can enhance the effect dramatically. There have been several recent developments to augment traditional static paintings with moving objects. For example, the movie titled "Moving of the Riverside Scene at Chingming Festival" received positive reviews when shown at WorldExpo 2010 (Shanghai, China). In the movie, animated characters and dynamic objects (e.g., rivers) are seamlessly blended into famous classical Chinese paintings. Those animations bring the original static painting to life. This project focuses on how to animate elements in the Chinese paintings.

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