TitleMotion Capture and Camera Manipulaion
People Yu-Chi Lai   Chih-Yuan Yao  

Motion capture is an important technique for animation. However, it requires expensive equipment to achieve precision. This project focuses on capturing the human motion suing simple and cheap depth sensors. Furthermore, the motion of camera can be used to manipulate a virtual camera for camera planning.

  • Li, C.-C., Lai, Y.-C., Syu, N.-S., Kuo, H.-N., Todorov, D., and Yao, C.-Y., “EZCam: WYSWYG Camera Manipulator for Path Design.”IEEE Transaction on Circuits and Systems on Video Technology, Volume 27, Issue 8, PP. 1632-1646, DOI 10.1109/TCSVT.2016.2543018, 2017
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