A Simple Roller Coaster -- Cheng-Li Hsieh
Two extra shots

A simple roller coaster

Cheng-Li Hsieh

A simple roller coaster

Technical introduction

1.  Using Flash GUI for OGRE

      Flash button:

                a) Train:                                 Run & Pause

                b) Speed scroll bar:             Control the train

                c) Camera View :                 World, Train, and Top

                d) Spline type:                       Linear, and cubic

                e) Track type:                 Line, parallel, Road Rail

                f )Control Point:                    Add point, delete point

                g) File:                                    Save, Load, reset the track

                h) Quit/Esc                            Terminate the OGRE

2.  The Basic Functionality

      a) Linear, and cubic spline track

        b) Have a train that goes around the track

        c) Have the train oriented correctly on the track

        d) Look out from the front of the train

        e) Have some scenery in the world

        f) Have a speed scroll bar allows for the speed of the train

        g) Have a document and readme file

3.  Advanced Features

        a) Arc-Length Parameterization

        b) Draw nicer looking tracks: wood texture (Parallel rails, Rail ties)

        c) Allow two cars

        d) Improve the User Interface

        e) Load in deferent cars created by Maya

        f) Have the train make smoke

        g)Scenery : terrain, sky, mountains, volcano, Magma

        h) Particle effect: Fireworks, rain, smoke, snow

        i) Have Cave