Attack Island
Two extra shots

Shooting games

Cai-Cian Sung , Cheng-Li Hsieh

Shooting games

Technical introduction
  1. 1.      Control  :
    you should change the control mode by press “F1”, and
    I : move forward
    K: move backward
    while you move forward/backward press,
    J: move leftward
    L: move rightward
  2. 2.      Click left mouse button to fire
  3. 3.      Generate the water surface
  • §Reflection: Extend your material model to include specular reflection. You will need to cast rays recursively to follow the reflected light path.

§Refraction: Add specular refraction to your material. Include Schlick’s approximation for Fresnel reflection.

  1. 4.      Using the refraction map and reflection map to simulate the possible viewing condition from above the water to simulate the refraction and reflection effects. The following shows an example of refraction and reflection map
  2. 5.      Using Particle effect as explosion of enemy
  3. 6.      Interface and menu are created by flash CS6 and imported by Hikari
  4. 7.      The life icon is drawn a 2D rectangle and changed the material as main character injuries.
  5. 8.      Main character damping above the water.
  6. 9.      Using ray tracing to select enemy as one of conditions to judge whether the enemy is hit or not.
  7. 10.  Using irrKlang library to add background music and sound effects.
  8. 11.  All of the model is created by our group member Mr.Chen.