Computer Animation–Yu Fu、Pei–Ching Li
Two extra shots

A tiny amusement park

Hsing–Yu Fu , Pei–Ching Li

A tiny amusement park

Technical introduction
  1. Basically functionality and CEGUI’s button

n   View : World, train, and top

n   Spline type : Linear, cardinal, and cubic

n   Rails type : parallel

n   Wood texture : control point and rail ties

n   A car : constructed by mesh with “real wheels”

n   Speed scroll bar : control the car

n   Tension scroll bar : control the track when using the cardinal spline

n   Modify control point :

u  add and delete(won’t less than 4)

u  rotate around pitch and roll(45 degree once)

u  load and save

l   “hide” at the beginning

l   designate the route when load/save is “show”

l   “OK” button of save enable when entering the file name and pressing Enter or Tab

u  reset(set to the original position)

n   Quit/Esc : terminate the OGRE

n   Lighting


  1. Advanced

n   Shadow, sky dome

n   Load in scenes created by 3DMax

u  terrain, bridge, trees, grasses, houses with chimney, fences, pigs, windmills, fields, mines, graves

n   Particle Effects

u  River : construct two planes and add the textures(water, gravel)

u  Fireworks, rain, smoke, snow, aureola, phosphorescence : use OGRE’s sample codes and modify some parameters


  1. Contribution/attribution

n   We really appreciate “CEGUI wiki and OGRE wiki” for downloading the codes used in our programs. The detailed application is below :

u  Folder Selector : we copy it from CEGUI wiki for “load” function. We use two files, “GUI_FolderSelector and DiskObject”, and modify some functions to satisfy our goals.

u  OgreMaxe, tinyxml : we copy them from OGRE wiki and use for loading the scene created by 3DMax.