Motion Path Editing-Dobromir Todorov - Dobry
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Motion Path Editing

Dobromir Todorov - Dobry

Motion Path Editing

Technical introduction
  1. Files:
    1. The program will read any legal BVH file and parse its data.
    2. Supports multiple files.
    3. Loading Ogre mesh files (multiple)
    4. Parser will handle some illegal declaration in the BVH file
  2. User interface:
    1. Main menu for loading files,  choosing motion from a drop down menu, open the properties panel for a motion, toggling shadows and camera reposition
    2. Motion Properties Panel:

                                                               i.      Slider controls to move in the animation manually and adjust the frame rate speed;

                                                             ii.      Play and Pause buttons;

                                                            iii.       Check boxes:

  1.  Visible(hides and displays the animation)
  2.  Bones(shows bones or lines),
  3. Fallow Camera (positions the camera in front of the character and tracks it),
  4. Move(Enables the control for moving the animation in the scene),
  5. Show Controls(displays the control points for the path)

                                                           iv.      Buttons:

  1.  Put Controls (calculates the path and puts control points for readjustments ),
  2. Delete (deletes the whole animation)
  3. Save BVH (opens a panel for saving a new bvh file with the new motion path)
  4. Link Mesh (opens a panel to link the bones of the character with the skeleton of loaded ogre mesh)
  5. Link mesh panel: displays points representing the bones from the BVH and Ogre::Mesh, Allows rotation 90 degrees, clicking in corresponding points creates a link between them
  6. Error Prompt : Displays error information if the system detected problems
  7. Frame Rate Display
  8. Display Motion
    1. Shows the path of the motions as a line on the ground
    2. Displays the bones as lines on ellipsoids
    3. All motions are automatically  repositioned to “step” on the ground plane by finding the minimal Y coordinate in the first pose of the animation
    4. Camera auto position with fly in-out effect: Calculates the dimensions of the motions and situates and aims the camera so the whole motion is visible
    5. The program allows unlimited number of motions to be loaded and displayed simultaneously 
    6. Cast shadows of the bones
  9. Functions:
    1. Load and parse bvh file
    2. Save bvh file
    3. Reposition the animation on the ground
    4. Calculate the motion path
    5. Edit the motion path
    6. Recalculate orientations for the new path
    7. Load Ogre Mesh with skeleton and replace the bvh bones with the skeleton
    8. Play and control the animation