Roller Coaster--Christian Wijaya
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Roller Coaster

Christian Wijaya

Roller Coaster

Technical introduction

I use OGRE3D as a basis framework to create The Roller Coasters.

In this project, I have lot of requirements to do, such as: to provide a UI not only to look the world, but also to look from a top down view; to create a terrain instead of only a plain ground; to provide a UI and user interaction to add/move/delete control points and etc.

This is my second semester to use the OGRE3D. Like the last semester, the first project, I created The Roller Coasters.

So what is the difference between my old project and my new project?

There are lots of improvements for my new project:

  • I create a nice look UI using HIKARI instead of CEGUI. To create a good UI, I use flash (This is my first time to use the flash. And I like to use flash. It is very easy to use) to create a good menu and option menu. And after that, I implement the action of the event of flash object. And then, I bind it to the project.
  • I create the terrain instead of the plain ground.
  • Adding the sky plane, and weather effect, such as fog, rain and snow effects.
  • Adding the sun and it is rotating to the center of the terrain. And if the sun sets, the sky will be dark and darker (like the night) and when the sun rises, the sky will be light and lighter. The sun has the sun flare effect.
  • Adding control point and automatically create track and train after adding several points. We can change the type of rail, such as: simple, parallel, road and fancy. And we can add some cars behind the train.
  • Adding shadow effect to the terrain.
  • Adding the particle system.
  • Changing the height of the control point.
  • Adding pile.
  • Adding ties.
  • Adding train and car model which are exported from maya.