Chain Reaction -- Christian Wijaya
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Chain Reaction

Christian Wijaya

Chain Reaction

Technical introduction

The aim of this program is to demonstrate a chain reaction simulation. In order to make a realistic animation, this program uses the physical simulation engine. Physical simulation engine which is used in this program is Bullet Physics and OGRE Bullet is the wrapper to integrate Bullet Physics in OGRE. Basically, the scenario of this program is:

  1. User can drive the car through the provided path.
  2. After the car hits fan, the fan blows the boat crossing the sea.
  3. If the boat have arrived to the opposite land, the cannon will be triggered to shoot the cannon ball.
  4. Cannon ball will hit the nearest domino and it will cause the domino-effect.
  5. For the other cannon ball, it will collide with pool ball first and then that pool ball will also push the nearest domino so the domino-effect will be happened.
  6. After that, user can control the robot and move it to the center area.
  7. There is a bomb in the center area and a big explosion with fire and smoke will be happened.



The implementation of the car is using RaycastVehicle object from OGRE Bullet. This car consists of 3 parts: chassis, wheel and body. User can control this car easily using this buttons:

l   I: move forward

l   J: turn left

l   K: move backward

l   L: turn right