Roller Coaster -- Reza
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Roller Coaster

Reza Adhitya Saputra

Roller Coaster

Technical introduction

Technical Detail

-          The application uses OgreSDK_vc9_v1-7-2 and was developed using Visual Studio 2008

-          The UI uses Flash, developed by Action Script 3 using FlashDevelop IDE and Flex 4.1 as the compiler.

-          The models are designed by using Autodesk Maya 2012, converted by using OgreMayaExporter



Include (.h) : RayRayRay\RayRayRay\include

Source (.cpp) : RayRayRay\RayRayRay\src

AS3 Main Menu (as a FlashDevelop project): RayRayRay\RayRayRay\media\flash\RayRayRayUI

AS3 SetHeight Menu (as a FlashDevelop project): RayRayRay\RayRayRay\media\flash\ObjectUI

Maya Models: RayRayRay\RayRayRay\media\maya


-          Add, delete, move, set height of track points.

-          Add and delete train

-          Change curve type: Linear, Bezier, or B-Spline

-          Start and stop train movement